Village Prospective

Boss Nana Building Empires Inc. mission is to strategically, support Grandparents raising Grandkids with the fundamental provision and educational resources that uplifts, rejuvenate and increase potential.

The nucleus of every society is the family component, whether biological or by acclamation, it builds the foundation for the Village. This formula specifically relies on the children and their ability to function at the highest possible levels. Therefore, we must take an analysis of them and what we can facilitate to make them greater. Boss Nana B.E. will commandeer the legacy and spirit of our past while advancing our families into the self-empowering and life influencing present and future. We are accountable to them!

There is one force that cannot be contained or diminished and that is that of a Grandmother. Her passion, power, and prestige bring love, admiration, and her great wisdom. She is adorn with the characteristic of matriarch and elder; idolized by her community and her family. There are many terms that capture her importance such as Yaya, Lola, Noni, Gigi, Grandma, Nana, Big Mama, Gadgi, Gamma, Glam-ma, Gams, Granny, and Gran Gran and many more endearing terms. In our village she is the “Change Agent"; an irreplaceable mention and a stabilizing force. With great honor, Boss Nana Building Empires champions her spirit and drive to carry the torch forward in honor and deeds to TAKING BACK OUR VILLAGE and rebuild its foundation brick-by-brick and family by family. With Blessings from Above...


If you would like to volunteer your help or donate to our projects please contact us on our Boss Nana Building Empires Facebook page or on this webpage.

Thank you much.

Village Blessings

School Supplies

school supplies


Facilitate a Community School Supply giveaway annually. Boss Nana B.E., will assist families with one or more children with Book bags filled with supplies. The 2016-2017 school year we were able to donate school supplies to a classroom at a Minnesota Middle School. Our commitment to our initiatives, of helping students pursue education and have the greatest opportunity to be successful, is an ongoing effort. Email or hit Contact Us if you need help.

Project Blessing

season of sharing

The holiday seasons with all its joys does not hold that same emotional relevance for some families already engulfed in crisis. Boss Nana B.E. is committed to sharing the reason for the season; “Love”.  Project Blessing begin its 2016 Season with serving others that face Homelessness. The crisis in Minnesota has become devastating to the Village and although outside of our scope as Boss Nana, we found it impossible to ignore. Our Minnesota ambassador Trina Smith took to the streets with the “Blessing Bags” in tow giving them to the Homeless in need. The bags contain those items needed to survive harsh winter weather such as warm gloves, hats, scarfs, socks, blankets, hand sanitizer, toothbrush & paste, deodorant, soap, granola bar, bottle water, lip chap and much more. We have committed intermittently to continue serving our homeless. Another collaborative effort was with a Domestic Violence Shelter in Indiana. Their “Blessing Bags” specifically catered to Women in transition. The contexts of those bags included body wash, toothbrush & paste, deodorant, lotions, hair care, feminine hygiene items, washcloths, hairbrush & comb, hand wipes and other grooming products. It was because of the support of others that I simply asked to help that the Blessing Bags made it into the hands of those that are most in need of seeing the “Love in Action”.

Our next Blessing Bag project will be Baby products for an Indiana Shelter. If you want to donate Diapers and/or wipes please locate the Donate button and help us help others.  

The whole concept of the “Reason for the Season” is being of service or being a servant to others.  Boss Nana B.E. Tis the Season Blessing Project, will seek community businesses support through donations. From October 15th thru December 15th, Boss Nana will place “love containers” throughout community giving the Village an opportunity to heal and help its members. We will accept such donations as Warm Clothing, Household items, Personal Hygiene products, Food, and gifts for the kids. Join us as we help our Village Brother and Sisters….We are our Brothers Keeper!

What's On The Horizon


Boss Nana B.E. is embarking on a venture that will offer our children the safety and security. In the spring of 2017, we have plans to open and operate a dual purposed After School & Summer Program for children 7 to 13 years of age. Safety has become an issue in our Village, our children have been the untargeted victims in the ever-increasing gunplay violence happening throughout America; they have become collateral damage.

Academia will also be a significant part of the After School and Summer Program. Our curriculum will center on the Reading and the element of Technology. Each child will complete a grade level Reading Module during the program. Several studies detail that children Reading scores and levels are causing many to fall behind in school. It is essential to increasing comprehension and developing great cognitive skills. Another feature of our program will be the Life Skills component of food preparation/cooking, knitting, crocheting and sewing, hygiene and much more.

Boss Nana Building Empires are also in negotiation for an opportunity for the children involved in our program will attend a one-week all-day camp during the Summer Program. We again are excited with what is on the horizon and continue to check our website for more updates. For more information, please contact our Director Ms. Coleman or hit the Contact Us tab.


I would like to send a special thank you to Boss Nana!!! I am a Middle school teacher at Sojourner Truth Academy. I am trying to implement an organization program to help my scholars be successful. I am asking for Case it 3" rings binders and any notebooks and folders to stock the binders. Boss Nana has come through and donated enough to sponsor and invest in at least 4 scholars future!! Thank you for your generosity! We need to get back to the Village helping raise our youth!!!! Thank you again!